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shoki_sez - interactive alert and event daemon


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shoki_sez [-b dbname] [-C conf_file] [-D chrdir] [-d] [-h] [-L logfname] [-P pidfile] [-U luser] [-v verbosity]


shoki_sez is a daemon which monitors the alerts table in the shoki database and sends new alerts to a specified list of users via the jabber protocol.

In addition, shoki_sez allows some interactive querying (via the jabber protocol). See the shoki.topology(7) manpage for more details.

WARNING: There are no access controls built into shoki_sez; this means that you should probably configure an access list for the Jabber user shoki_sez will use to send and receive messages. Consult the Jabber documentation for details on how to do this. In gaim(1), for example, you should log on as the shoki_sez user, select Privacy under the Tools menu, change Allow all users to contact me to Allow only the users below, and then manually add the IM IDs of the analysts who are allowed to have access to the shoki data.

Failure to properly configure an access list for the shoki_sez Jabber user could result in unintended information disclosure. If you’re not sure about how to properly configure such an access list, you should probably not be running shoki_sez.


-b dbname Look for the alerts table in the database dbname. For more information, consult the README.database file in the doc directory of the shoki distribution.
-C conf_file
  Read an alternate config file. By default, /usr/local/shoki/etc/lexer.conf will be used.
-d If specified, shoki_sez will run in the foreground and not fork.
-D chrdir If specified, will do a chroot(2) to chrdir
-h Display a usage message and exit.
-L logfile
  For filter methods that support logging to a file, output will be sent to logfile. Use `-' (without the quotes) for stdout.
-P pidfile
  Writes PID of the shoki_sez process to pidfile, which cannot be an existing file.
-U luser If specified, setuid/setgid to specified luser.
-v verbosity
  Set the verbosity level to verbosity. Exactly what this entails tends to vary from release to release. In general, you won’t want to specify a verbosity level unless you're doing debugging.


  shoki_sez config file.


.An Stephen P. Berry <>

More information can be found at the shoki homepage:


shoki_sez doesn’t do any sanity checking of the alerts table of the shoki database. If the table doesn’t exist when shoki_sez is started, for example, the process that listens to the database will happily start up and go idle indefinitely. Check the README at the top of the source tree.



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