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rc - the shoki radix clusterer




rc [-a clusterfile] [-c max_count] [-C conf_file] [-d density] [-D chrdir] [-E stop] [-f] [-F filterfile] [-L logfname] [-r dumpfile] [-R radix] [-s snaplen] [-S start] [-U luser] [-v verbosity] [bpf_filter]


rc reads packets from a specified dumpfile, feeds them through a clustering algorithm, and outputs the resulting clusters.

Right now, this is really research-grade software, and is probably only of interest to folks twiddling with the code.

rc shares its clustering code with hustler(1), so a cluster config file output by hustler(1) can be passed to rc via the -a flag.


-a clusterfile
  Read cluster configuration information from clusterfile.
-c max_count
  Only read max_count packets.
-C conf_file
  Read an alternate config file. By default, /usr/local/shoki/etc/rc.conf will be used.
-d density
  Sets the clustering density threshold to density.
-D chrdir If specified, will do a chroot(2) to chrdir
-E start Only look at packets with timestamps on or before start. A value of seconds after the start of the epoch is assumed.

See also -S.

-f Attempt fragment reassembly.

Consult the README and/or the source for more information about how frag reassembly works.

-F filterfile
  Read filter expressions from filterfile. Consult the shoki.filters(5) manpage for details of the filter format.
-h Display a usage message and exit.
-L logfile
  For filter methods that support logging to a file, output will be sent to logfile. Use ‘-’ (without the quotes) for stdout.
-r dumpfile
  Read packets from dumpfile. The specified file must be a libpcap-style dumpfile. It may be gzip’d.
-R radix Sets the clustering radix to radix.
-s snaplen
  Sets the default snaplen. If not specified, 65535 is assumed.

Individual filter rules can specify a different snaplenfor packets matching that filter.

-S start Only packets with timestamps on or after start will be used. A value of seconds after the start of the epoch is assumed.

See also -E.

-U luser If specified, setuid/setgid to specified luser.
-v verbosity
  Set the verbosity level to verbose. If this is nonzero, then source IP addresses whose traffic matched no fingerprints will also be printed.


/usr/local/shoki/etc/rc.conf rc config file.


.An Stephen P. Berry <>

More information can be found at the shoki homepage:


Check the README at the top of the source tree.

January 27, 2004 RC (1) shoki
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