0.3.0	(Real Soon Now) 2004	(The `sucks less than the last release' release)

	This is a ground-up rewrite of the shoki tools.  This means
	that there are -substantial- changes from previous releases.

	A quick summary of the functional changes:
	-The parser(1) widget no longer exists and has been replaced by
	 the lexer(1) widget
	-Filter rule syntax is completely different.  no more tab-delimited
	 config files
	-Doctrine rules are handled completely differently and are not
	 (directly) backward compatable.  Instead of being a subset of
	 filter rules handled by the parser(1), doctrine rules 
	 now use a different format interpreted by the ooda(8) widget
	-Different passive fingerprinting logic (now steals from p0f instead
	 of Lance Spitzner's paper)
	-Man pages now use the mdoc macros (instead of the old an macros).
	 The mdoc macros are installed by default on all the `officially
	 supported' OSes, so this shouldn't pose many compatability problems.
	-Now distributed under a BSD-style license

DELTAS (from the last interim 0.3.0 release)

	-Added rc(1) (basically a CLI for the hustler clustering stuff)
	-Added lsevents(1), lsalerts(1), showevent(1), and rmevent(1) (CLI
	 widgets for getting event information from the database.
	 loosely modeled on mh/nmh)
	-Added shoki_sez(8) (a daemon that sends alerts via Jabber)
	-Fixed bug in filter name handling in pgsql logging
	-Rewrote the anomaly counting code (for better performance)
	-Changed filter/alert severity semantics (now follows syslog(2))
	-Cleaned up autoconf compile flag handling
	-Valgrind-related cleanup of option handling
	-Added hustler config loading/saving
	-Added hustler resize mode
	-Tweaked hustler phase space navigation

Consult the CHANGES.old document in the ./doc directory of the shoki
source tree for details of previous releases.

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